Responsible Happiness

“Happiness isn’t something that depends on our surroundings…It’s something we make inside ourselves.”
— Corrie ten Boom

It’s my birthday and like a thousand times before I am waiting
Waiting on my partner to create me some happiness!
But, my partner is… who my partner is… and there is no special birthday plan forthcoming.
Instead, I find myself feeling keenly disappointed and wondering why I am here…again?
My mind goes back to my childhood and the ghosts of birthdays past where I waited on my mother or others to make a special day… special.
I discover I have been in wait mode a long time, and at 44 years old, I am not too old to learn something new about me.
All that we need to be happy is within us. What a wonderful truth! It has nothing to do with the conditions or the content of our lives. We can all choose happiness at any moment.

You are not waiting to be happy. Happiness is waiting for you! 

A Course In Miracles Lesson 103 says:

“Happiness is an attribute of love. It cannot be apart from it. Nor can it be experienced where love is not. Love has no limits, being everywhere. And therefore joy is everywhere as well.”
There is much in life that we do not control. What we always have a say-so about, is the way we show up in our lives. The way we “respond” to life allows us to express and experience the Love that we are.
We are responsible for our own happiness!  Every-single-solitary-day!
(Including, but not limited to…birthdays!)
When we believe anything else, then we are giving our power away… and we place unrealistic expectations on someone else!
So go and get your happiness on!
Affirm this from A Course in Miracles Lesson 103:

God, being Love, is also happiness.

And it is happiness I seek today.

I cannot fail, because I seek the truth.



“You are a ringbearer Frodo…

To bear the ring of power is to be alone…”

Galadriel The Elf Queen from Fellowship of the Ring

We enter this world alone and we leave it as we came.

We are all “ringbearers”…travelers on a holy quest to turn back the dark hordes of the ego’s madness.  We battle our human condition that peace may reign… and so we may come to experience our happily-ever-after.

Though we are alone, we do not have to feel or be lonely. We are alone…but we are not unsupported!

In fact, many wise one’s have seen that the word alone means “All-One”.

The ego would have us believe that we are separated from everyone and everything. The ego would have us believe that we are not loved or supported. Especially in times of uncertainty or fear when the weight of the ring of our human suffering seems heaviest.

The ego is a specialist in projecting the illusion of separation.

A Course in Miracles says: “Illusions are investments. They will last as long as you value them. Values are relative, but they are powerful because they are mental judgements.”

Thank God for the work of the Holy Spirit!

A Course In Miracles says: “The Holy Spirit is the Christ Mind which is aware of the knowledge that lies beyond perception.”

If you feel lonely or lost today, turn within and call upon the Holy Spirit to offer you the support and assistance which are always yours. Be “At-Onement” with the Truth of your being. Know that Truth is not limited by your circumstances or experience.

Value what is real! The connection that we all have with each other and the Love that you are is real and ever-present. Invest in the faith that is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen. 

Tao Te #56  calls this our Primal Identity

Those who know don’t say.
Those who talk don’t know.

Close the mouth, hold your breath
allow the flow, just let it rest

Block the corridors.
Close the doors, file the edges, dull the points.
Untie the tangles.
Loosen the knots.

Let go of fears, allow the love.
Soften the glare, be one with the dust

This is the primal identity…
which is called DivineUnity

A profound mystery that sets you free!

He who is at one
cannot be put down, will not be puffed up
cannot be enmeshed, nor enmired…

Cannot be insulted
disgraced or even honored
is immune to infection
loss or gain…does not suffer
when feeling pain.

He cannot be fired
nor can he be hired…

He cannot be courted
nor shunned
helped nor harmed…

He is the noblest of the world
Thus he treasures the universe.

Beloved, be gentle with yourself.

Remember this:

1Corinthians 10:13  13 No temptation has overtaken you except what is common to mankind. And God is faithful; he will not let you be tempted beyond what you can bear. But when you are tempted, he will also provide a way out so that you can endure it.

Frodo had Sam Wise. You too, will be given what you need to surrender your “ring of power” to the fires of transformation! Know you are supported by Heaven itself !

 Be of good courage travelers, and may your heart be strengthened!

You Owe Me Nothing

Even after all this time,
the sun never says to the earth,
“You owe me.”
Look what happens with a love like that…
It lights the whole sky!

The way that most human beings experience love… is through the filter of our egos.  

The personality,  formed by fear …and to keep us from what we fear will bring us pain and suffering, cannot perceive a love without conditions. Strangely, loving conditionally creates conditions that are not very loving at all.

A Course in Miracles says:

“No love in this world is without this ambivalence, and since no ego has experienced love without ambivalence the concept is beyond its understanding…”

  • Are you still punishing someone you say you love… for not loving you… in the way you want to experience love?
  • Is there someone anywhere you feel owes you something… be it love or money?
  • Does your woundedness or past hurt still require payment?

I encourage you today to release all debtors in your heart and mind!

Be free to feel and experience the Love and Light that you are as a Spirit Being having… a human experience!

A Course In Miracles says:

“Love will enter immediately into any mind that truly wants it, but it must want it truly. This means that it wants it without ambivalence, and this kind of wanting is wholly without the ego’s ‘drive to get’.”

Only be strong and very courageous! 

Say to those who you have held indebted to you…”You Owe Me Nothing!”

There is a Love so wonderful…it will warm the earth and light the sky!

Look what happens with a Love like that!

It will never experience the pain and bondage that “You Owe Me” brings ever again!

(I dedicate this post to my inspirational muse, Jen Anandi Tallman…thank you!)

Get Your Shine On!

And now, Father, let me have glory with you, even that glory which I had with you before the world was…John 17:5

When I was a little girl visiting my grandmother during holidays or special occasions, she would take out her best china and her special silverware.

The silverware was in a beautiful wooden box with a red velvet lining.

She would remove it gently from the shelf and run her hands reverently across the box before opening it. Inside the box was her treasured silverware set, a beautiful pattern of leaves and flowers.

It was magical to my child’s eyes! The silver seemed to glow with some unseen power! “It’s so pretty!”, I exclaimed clapping my hands together in delight.

“Yes”, my grandma would say, “But, it’s not ready for the table just yet!”  Together, we would polish the silver with soft cloths and cleaning solution until it gleamed so brightly, it appeared to be winking at us!

We are like my grandmother’s silver. Like the silver, we are beautiful and glowing, valuable and precious… awaiting the gentle hand of Spirit to polish us until we shine our brightest!

You are no less worthy or valuable because you are covered with the tarnish of life’s disappointments, perceived losses or failures!

Pray as Jesus did, “Father return unto me the glory that I had with Thee from the beginning!”

You have been all that you desired to be… since before the world was made!

So today….Get Your Shine On!

Counter Space

As I cooked and served meals for my family this holiday season from my small kitchen (jokingly referred to as the postage stamp with a stove), I wished for the hundred millionth time… for more counter space.

In order to prepare meals inside my kitchen you must have trained as a juggler for Cirque de Soleil. Add to this, about half a dozen adults and one small toddler, coming in and out at intervals that would challenge the schedule of Grand Central Station, and you have a real circus!

Somehow, however illogically, I always felt the cramped feeling would go away if only I could somehow miraculously add more “counter space”.  I found myself wistfully sighing, once again, with longing for “linear largeness” as I fought to open my oven door all the way. This, while my backside jammed painfully against the wire baker’s rack behind me!

As I straightened up to rub my aching bottom, I could hear the laughter and joy coming from just beyond the kitchen doorway. Just then, my little grandson comes into the kitchen with his arms outstretched for a hug and his signature dimpled, lopsided grin.

As I lift him up into my arms for a snuggle, suddenly, I am aware of a delicious sense of spaciousness all around me.

The Tao # 11 says:

is mostly space
we move between
from place to place

Our being composed
mostly of space as well
without which we could not dwell

We benefit by the being…
yet the nothingness is essential.

I got that I “counter the space” around me with my thoughts of lack and limitation! I counter the space around me with believing that perfection can be bought at Home Depot or space measured in linear feet.

“The Space Between the nothing and being
is what makes things work for you and me!”

Enjoy all the Space that is around your life right now and offer it no “counter” at all!

Has Happiness Found You Yet?

“Ever since happiness heard your name, it has been running through the streets trying to find you.”~Hafiz




 Imagine for a moment that “happiness” was not something that you have to find, chase, or earn.

Imagine that happiness was not something that you could only experience based on the volatile circumstances and moveable situations in your current life experience.

Just think! No! Don’t do that!

Just feel and imagine that happiness actually knows you personally!

Isaiah 49:16 says that Happiness, also known as God…does know you personally:

“See, your name is marked on my hands; your walls are ever before me…”

Happiness is totally aware and informed about your circumstances….and guess what?

Happiness is looking for you right now!

Be still and know that I AM God!

Be still and stop running from happiness….


That’s happiness calling your namecan you hear it?

If you can….then just SMILE!

Damn Thirsty!


The Fish needs to say,

Something ain’t right about this

Camel ride—–

And I’m

Feeling so damn


From the book The Gift  Poems by Hafiz

Interpretations by Danile Ladinsky

Beloved Ones, you are like fish on a camel ride here on this wonderful place called earth.

You are a wayfarer and a stranger in a strange land.

Just  like a fish out of water!

Trust me, the camels of your cares and concerns will be fine, but you need some water quick!

Many of us are “so damn thirsty” we don’t even recognize that we are, because we have ignored it for such a very… very long time.

We thirst for belonging, acceptance, love…and all manner of things that may be difficult to locate in the desert of our illusions about life.

Most of all, we thirst for our True Home and the Oneness with Spirit that we forgot as we bumped along on our camels.

Spirit beckons! Always calling…”Come and drink from the well of life in the shade of this oasis… and you will never thirst again!”

What do you think?

Is it time for a drink?



Inside the Violet Flame

Beloved Beings, there is a place inside of you in which All is balanced and directed.

Did you know that you are made of Light? The first words of the Creator were,

“Let there BE LIGHT!”

And there was LIGHT! And the LIGHT was you and She saw that it was Good!

Often times, in our over-identification with our egoic selves, we forget that we are Spirit Beings having a human experience. We all come from a plane much more “real” than our experience here in physical form!

We have been given a great gift in the power of our imagination. Use the power of your imagination to work with the invisible forces of Light that surround you!

For centuries, many metaphysicians have used this power of Light to direct the flow of spiritual energies to bring about healing, transformation and other loving conditions!

Imagine the Light as a Violet Flame with the power to transmute negative conditions. Use this energy in your prayers and meditations. It is a powerful tool of the Conscious Co-Creator!

Just 15 minutes a day of meditation with the Violet Flame can create a huge positive shift in your life and in the world!

Many people in our experience are feeling “financially challenged” right now. Here is a prayer to dissolve that condition using the power of Light within the Violet Flame:

I call the Mighty I AM Presence into action!

Charge forth Violet Consuming Flame through my body and “feeling” world with dynamic power to dissolve and consume whatever quality is repelling my supply! 

Visualize yourself stepping into the Violet Flame in joy and gratitude!

Feel the shift take place and rejoice in the wonder of the Light that you are!

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