Lead With Your Light Part 2







In the last post of this series we discussed the difference between longing and desire.

Longing has its focus on lack or what is missing. Like wishing, it places us in a position of limited possibility. What you focus on grows larger. Inside the web of longing, one tends to feel powerless to change their circumstance.

Desire is of the Father… it is the Formless Consciousness from which we create the life we choose. Desire is the stirring within your soul for All that tends toward Life. Desire is a place of Infinite Possibilities and Power! Inside desire lay the seeds of Wholeness and the key to the Authority of the Concious Co-Creator.

From the space of our God-Realized desire, we may  “Lead with our Light”!

Knowing, that everything you need lies inside the Kingdom within and is already in your possession, you are at peace!

We create, or uncover desire from becoming present to what it is we want in the deepest way possible. When you are ready to Lead With Your Light, you will seek:

  • Not the gift but the Giver
  • Not the thing…but the state of consciousness from which it arises

Life is consciousness. Life is spiritual not physical.

To the degree to which we can understand these basic Truths, we will create the life we want.

Remember that you already create the life that you choose consciously or unconsciously. Whether you live as a beggar or a monarch inside your Kingdom is up to you.

Do you desire joy, peace, wealth, luxury, security or opulence? No matter, they are all within you. Access your desire through your emotion! Feel the experience of joy, peace, wealth or whatever you desire.

Emotion = Energy in Motion

Many of us are used to the emotions of depression, lack, sadness and confusion. Expand your consciousness to include your natural state of Being. Feast on the feelings that tend toward Life!

“How do I do this?”, you may ask. Practice is the answer.

Proverbs 4:23 “Guard your heart above all else, for it determines the course of your life.”

As you shape your consciousness with your feelings of love, joy and gratitude you cannot fail to change your world!

In the next installment of this series we will discuss moving from “desire” to “conviction”.

This post is a continuation of  “Don’t Lead with Your Need”.

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