Get Your Shine On!

And now, Father, let me have glory with you, even that glory which I had with you before the world was…John 17:5

When I was a little girl visiting my grandmother during holidays or special occasions, she would take out her best china and her special silverware.

The silverware was in a beautiful wooden box with a red velvet lining.

She would remove it gently from the shelf and run her hands reverently across the box before opening it. Inside the box was her treasured silverware set, a beautiful pattern of leaves and flowers.

It was magical to my child’s eyes! The silver seemed to glow with some unseen power! “It’s so pretty!”, I exclaimed clapping my hands together in delight.

“Yes”, my grandma would say, “But, it’s not ready for the table just yet!”  Together, we would polish the silver with soft cloths and cleaning solution until it gleamed so brightly, it appeared to be winking at us!

We are like my grandmother’s silver. Like the silver, we are beautiful and glowing, valuable and precious… awaiting the gentle hand of Spirit to polish us until we shine our brightest!

You are no less worthy or valuable because you are covered with the tarnish of life’s disappointments, perceived losses or failures!

Pray as Jesus did, “Father return unto me the glory that I had with Thee from the beginning!”

You have been all that you desired to be… since before the world was made!

So today….Get Your Shine On!


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