What Keepin’ The Faith Really Means!

Faith is a bird that feels dawn breaking and sings while it is still dark.
 – Rabindranath Tagore

Headlines are screaming about war and rumors of wars, you practically feel like you have to sign over your firstborn at the gas pump….and flooding, earthquakes and natural disasters are taking place all over the world.

Many are feeling some sense of pain, loss, confusion or at the very least…some trepidation about what’s next.

The fearmongerers are screaming loud and long…and gaining more support everyday.

The magnetic pull of the negative and panic-stricken collective consciousness bears heavy on the soul.

And so, I pose the question…what does keeping the faith really mean for us now?

In my humble opinion, it has to do with maintaining a place of balance, truth and sanctuary amidst the chaos and craziness created by the blaring of the media horns. 

It has to do with holding a space of sanity and peace for those who cannot or will not hold it for themselves.

Tao #26 has this to say about staying centered:

Heavy is the root of light
the faster we go,
we slow down time
standing still
we are the masters of speed

Thus the wise travel
all day without leaving their vehicles
the scenery is accepted
without undue excitement

My beloved friends, hold your course…stay on track! Be still and know God!

Be like a tree planted by the rivers of water and bring forth your fruit!

As the Psalmist said…”I have set the LORD always before me: because he is at my right hand, I shall not be moved .(Psalm 16:8 KJV).

Look not to the right hand nor to the left but remove your foot from evil. In this case, evil being everything that is unlike LOVE which cast out fear.

And my friends, not for nothing, are the Children of Light are also called “The Faithful”!

Another sacred text we know describes the essence of faith as the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen.

You are anointed as WayShowers, Truthtellers, and Keepers of the Light!

Put on the whole armour of God and stand having done all to stand!

And I close with a quote from Robert Schuller, “Problems are not stop signs, they are guidelines.” 

The guidelines only ever point in one direction…”up”!

As above…so below!

Keep the faith my friends…keep the faith!



Maybe, like me, you are starting over…reinventing yourself…and making drastic changes in your life and affairs.
It can feel so scary to be in an unfamiliar place where all you really have to rely on is the power of faith and the strength of your vision.

Maybe you are starting over because your old job went away, you are downsizing or a relationship came to an end.

Whatever the reason, you may come to a place where you just feel like saying, “Forget it! This is just too hard and I don’t want to do it anymore!”

I must feel like this at least once a day on a slow day!

So I want to share some things that have kept me from walking away from the path that I have chosen for myself.

  • Know the difference between “giving up” and “letting go”

Be willing to release all the things that you thought you knew about yourself and your life. Doing this creates room for God to create a new script for you and your life.

  • Practice Moment-By-Moment Surrender

Surrender all struggle, despair and hopelessness. Surrender all fear, doubt and unbelief. Do it moment-by-moment!Surrender in those tearful moments when you might be on the floor in a heap praying for the strength to hold on just one more day…then…get off the floor, wipe your tears, wash your face and reach for a feeling of gratitude.

  • Live in Gratitude

Focus on your blessings and not on what you think is missing! When you feel despair come calling ask yourself what you are most grateful for. Reach for gratitude constantly! Become a gratitude addict! Gratitude instantly raises your vibration.

  • Remember to Breathe

When you are in fear you are not breathing deeply. A good cleansing deep breath brings oxygen to the brain and gets the flow of energy moving. When you breathe deeply and slowly you don’t feel stuck. You start to feel like you have the power to keep going.

  • Let it Flow

Whatever you are sharing and giving to the world, keep sharing and giving to the world. If you are a writer, keep writing. If you sing, keep singing, If you are an artist, keep creating!

As you allow your gift to flow from the loving place of your I AM Presence and from the Joyful Soul of your Being…you are bringing it into perfection! 

A quote from Manifesting Victory,

“Don’t think  you must stop, because what you expressed isn’t accepted (or noticed) by the outer world! Don’t mind that, but just let it flow! Just let it keep flowing and all of a sudden, when it strikes a certain vibratory action, the whole world will accept it!”

God does have a plan for you and whether you know it or not…you’re living it!

Persistence is needed. Persistence is the steady adherance to a course of action!

Courage is needed. Courage is feeling the fear and doing it anyway!

Love will guide you and carry you when necessary!

Don’t ever, ever, ever give up!

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