Inside the Violet Flame

Beloved Beings, there is a place inside of you in which All is balanced and directed.

Did you know that you are made of Light? The first words of the Creator were,

“Let there BE LIGHT!”

And there was LIGHT! And the LIGHT was you and She saw that it was Good!

Often times, in our over-identification with our egoic selves, we forget that we are Spirit Beings having a human experience. We all come from a plane much more “real” than our experience here in physical form!

We have been given a great gift in the power of our imagination. Use the power of your imagination to work with the invisible forces of Light that surround you!

For centuries, many metaphysicians have used this power of Light to direct the flow of spiritual energies to bring about healing, transformation and other loving conditions!

Imagine the Light as a Violet Flame with the power to transmute negative conditions. Use this energy in your prayers and meditations. It is a powerful tool of the Conscious Co-Creator!

Just 15 minutes a day of meditation with the Violet Flame can create a huge positive shift in your life and in the world!

Many people in our experience are feeling “financially challenged” right now. Here is a prayer to dissolve that condition using the power of Light within the Violet Flame:

I call the Mighty I AM Presence into action!

Charge forth Violet Consuming Flame through my body and “feeling” world with dynamic power to dissolve and consume whatever quality is repelling my supply! 

Visualize yourself stepping into the Violet Flame in joy and gratitude!

Feel the shift take place and rejoice in the wonder of the Light that you are!

Learn more about the Violet Flame at:


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