What Do You Want?

“What do you want?”

This seems like such a simple question and one whose answers should roll off the tips of our tongues as easily as the judgments and criticism that we reserve for ourselves and our perceived faults.

No, the answers to that question seems to come slowly, haltingly like untapped water under the suface of the earth. For most of us, the answer is water seeking an opening where there may be none, or one so small…it can only seep out in infinitesimal drops.

What do you want?

If your answers come from your head, they are not the answers!

Such revelations come from the place where the waters of the soul run sweetest, deepest and purest!

So, I ask again, “What do you want?”

Perhaps a glimpse to your particular answer to my question,  is found in a quote from the Book Third Wish, by Author Robert Fulghum…”In retreat, I advance.”

Many of us find clues to what we want…by looking at what we do not want.

As a conscious co-creator with the Spirit of Life, how will you create if you are unclear about what it is you want to create?

How will you create the life you want… if you do not know what sort of life it is that you want to create?

When you have finished your list of at least half a dozen to ten answers, look at it again.

Is it predicated upon what you want…or filled with the will and wishes of others?

You have not tapped the deep waters of your soul’s desire if it reads like a copy consumer’s digest.

Go deeper still

Send the bucket down the well again and again until you have drawn forth the essence of yourself.

When you find it…you will know…finally know what you want!

And you will go forth in the world knowing more than most people do.

And you will find that your well is a river… and your river is a sea… connecting you to All that IS.

And you will know, that you are loved by a Father and a Mother God that wants you and all of us to have the life that we want!

So that you will know how very much life…wants you!


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