Living Indoors


 For centuries, wise men of the ages have decreed,


“The Kingdom of Heaven is found within…”

 God is not far away from us as some suppose. He is within all of us and as close as our next breath.


 Remember when you were a kid! In the summer months, you couldn’t wait for the sun to come up!


 You would rush through washing up, brushing your teeth and eating your cornflakes, so you could go outside and play with your favorite neighborhood friends!


 You would play until you realized your were thirsty or your mom would call, “Lunch!”


Everday, all day, you would go back and forth between the outdoors and indoors.


Maybe you went back and forth so many times your mother would yell, “Stay in or out!” or my personal favorite… “If you slam that door one more time…”


 You may have played so hard that you lost track of the time.


Then you would notice it getting dark or your mom would call, “Dinner!”


 Weary, hungry and smiling you would make your way home.


Once indoors, there would be food, shelter and a much needed bath. You would say your prayers, and safely tucked in your bed, you could recharge your batteries for the next day.


 If your childhood home was not a place of safety, you experienced something or someone that gave you the feeling of acceptance and belonging.


We have all, at sometime in our lives, experienced the feeling of coming indoors...of being home!


Now that you are all “grownup” you go “outside” into the world to work and to maintain your grownup things. Perhaps you parent, or are a wife or husband ect., with grownup responsibilities.


Maybe you are a young person dealing with making grownup choices and handling adult obligations.


And so, our souls require and need more intensive recharging.


Spirit is always calling gently to us to come in from the noisy outdoors of our lives.


 We are invited to sup with Him so that we may find rest, peace, guidance…and most of all love!


This is the power of our connection with Spirit and what will sustain us as we move through the world!


It is only through this connection, that you will find the Power and the Possibility… to be the person you have always wanted to be!


It cannot be found outdoors in the wide world. To search for it there will only lead you to fear and frustration. No sane person would choose fear over love.


Yet, we have all suffered from this special kind of insanity.


And so I share with you what has brought me back to sanity time and again,

“Come indoors beloved child and I will give you rest for your weary soul.”


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