Sex in the City 2 Review

OK…I am so clear about my bias toward all things “Sex in the City“. I’ve been a huge fan of the show since forever. I own the entire collection of every season on DVD!

I went to New York and spent $200 on a hotel room (per night) to see the first movie and to sit on the stoop where Carrie won and lost more battles with love than any of us care to remember. I drank Cosmo’s at the same bar where the “girls” drank Cosmo’s at on the show while discussing Aidan vs. Big….get the picture?

So, the other night I’m hanging out at a barbeque with a couple of my girlfriends. We all happen to be black women, in love with other women. I was explaining to my friends why I was so dressed up. I was so psyched for the premier of the movie, I mixed up my calendar dates and showed up at the theater a week early dressed to impress!

So some of them started in on me…and said things like: “What’s to like?” “There are no black or gay characters in the show so what’s the attraction?” Yes, I did get them straight (no pun intended) on the no gay characters thing!

After the hoopla died down, I tried unsuccessfully to explain to them why I loved the show and the movies so much. They didn’t hear me.

What I got after I saw the movie, is that it is one of those rare phenomena’s that actually succeeds in tearing down (even if temporarily) all of the walls that we have built up to keep “the other’s” out. You know, “the others”, everyone who we judge as “not like us.”

As I watched all of those beautiful feminine souls enter the sold out theater, I was in awe. They were all colors, sizes, ages, and sexual preferences and socio-economic backgrounds!

I think that we love the show, the movies and the characters so much because they have something that all of us want. Not the glitz and the glamour or Carrie’s Jimmy Choos…ok, maybe some of us want Carrie’s shoe collection. I think we all desire the kind of connection that Carrie, Miranda, Samantha and Charlotte have with each other.

We all want to belong. We all want to share our lives and our souls with women who will love us instead of judge us. We want to have the kind of deep bond that gives all; and only ask that we show up…as ourselves.

There is a sort of magic between women who have given themselves over to such a bond that we see reflected to us on a show called, Sex in the City, that has a little to do with sex, but a lot more to do with intimacy, love and acceptance.

Any show that demonstrates the kind of power that can bring together that diverse a group of women, has me as a fan for life!

Any show, movement, person or thing that can allow us to see that we have more in common than we do that’s different is worth supporting!

I give this movie two hands up!


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