Understanding Loss

Like many Americans, I found myself holding a pink slip, after the company that I’d worked for almost five years folded due to recessional woes. I have been having the experience of being unemployed now for a little over a year.

Subsequently, my credit and finances have been effected. And I am doing what I can to keep a roof over my head, food on the table and the lights on. By God’s grace I’ve been able to do those things. It has not been easy. Yet, despite the uncertainty of my external circumstances day to day, I have this very clear sense of deep inner peace.

I know that there are many folks who are experiencing percieved loss today. The loss of an income, a home, a car, health insurance, credit and some of life’s comforts may be the shared story of millions. What do you do with the feelings of anger, the frustration, depression and outright rage that loss can evoke? How do you handle the fear and in some cases, let’s face it, the feeling of sheer and overwhelming terror that the experience of loss dredges up from the dark cellar of the mind?

Start by acknowledging it. Sit with it. Where is it coming from? Where do you feel it? In your chest, head or throat?     BE Present!

Now be willing to understand what it is and that you cannot change events that have passed…nor can you control the future. Be willing to accept that all there is for you to deal with is how you respond to what has happened in your life right nowBE Willing!

Then remember the Truth about yourself. You are not the sum total of the things that you own, the job that you do, the neighborhood you live in or any of those “things”. You are God’s child whom She would never leave nor forsake!  BE Powerful!

I feel my peace comes from giving up what I think this experience means and moving myself out of the way so that God can tell me what His take is on this. Truly there is no lack or loss where you and me stand today. There is only limitless possibility. There is only space for God (if we allow Him this space) to fill up with what He chooses to put there. BE Trusting!

Be kind to yourself, be patient and gentle. Have compassion for yourself and those closest to you even in times of stress. BE Loving!

Last, but by no means least…spend some time listening for that still, small inner voice that we know as God through meditation and reflection. Listen for and expect to be guided through your current experience and your life.                BE Still…and know that I Am God!


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