How to Deal with Disappointment

Disappointment got you down?

I think one of the best lessons a parent can give a child is one on how to handle disappointment. It’s one many of  us don’t learn until we are old and one that some of us never learn.

The word disappointment means:  to fail to fulfill the expectations or wishes of or; to defeat the fulfillment of (hopes, plans, etc.); thwart; frustrate. So many dreams and visions have been defeated by disappointment or rather our lack of wisdom in how to handle it. In a society where everyone wants everything yesterday, setbacks and the disappointment that accompanies them can cause all kinds of drama!

In the course of life (emphasis on the word course), everyone experiences disappointment. The dog dies, the car breaks down, you find yourself unemployed or going through a breakup or divorce.  Examine how you meet these challenges. Do you allow those experiences to define who you are in that moment? For example; are you unemployed or newly empowered?

When the company I worked for for nearly 5 years went under last year around this time; I saw the opportunity to experience myself as a writer and start a business. Did I feel scared, disappointed, uncertain…heck yeah! But I never seemed to be able to get around to writing when I was working for someone else. God has a plan! Go with it!

I am not talking about being in denial or dishonoring your feelings. I’m speaking about staying “conscious” and looking for what a “disappointment” is showing up to teach you about yourself and this life you have been gifted with.  I’m talking about being able to separate the experience from who you are as a person and not confusing the two!

You are not your mistakes, mis-steps or disappointments! You are not broken, destroyed or screwed-up! You are wholly perfect, competent and capable because that is who God made you to be.  Be clear, be conscious, be accepting and be balanced.  Look for opportunities, lessons, beauty (yes beauty!) in disappointment!

Cry if you must and do so with purpose. Feel sad, don’t stay sad. Feel mad, don’t stay mad! Honor your feelings and then take a breath and ask Spirit. “What next?” My minister says she asks, “What would you have me do?”

Ask, expecting an answer and above all…”don’t abandon yourself, your dreams, or your vision!”

There is a wonderful article about the rhythm of life in this blog link. Life ebbs and flows, it’s all a part of the natural order. When we go with the flow without offering resistance; we become One with God and the Universe.

Remember, “Life is Good, even when things ain’t so good.”


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