What Are You Waiting For?



Is there a dream, desire or vision for your life that you have on hold because you are waiting for someone to validate it; or more truthfully validate you!

In 99′ I started going to a school started by a well known author/teacher who I idolized. I had a vision at the time of starting a Women’s Healing Center. I had run a non-profit for over 10 years prior to this and was a great speaker and teacher in my own right.

I loved teaching personal and spiritual development, but didn’t have a degree or any official certifications. I thought that going to this school would provide me the validation I secretly longed for. The school was new and unaccredited. I was part of the inaugural class a.k.a. “experimental student body.”

Right before I was to receive my validation in the form of a certificate of completion, my personal life went haywire! My partner of 4 years at the time had an affair and I fell apart. Even though I completed my coursework the staff at the school said that “I didn’t move through my healing process fast enough.” I was asked to repeat my 2nd year and was told I would not be getting a certificate of completion!

I was devastated. What I heard at the time was; I would not be getting “validated” by the people that I had made the authorities of whether or not I was good enough.

As a result I stopped. I stopped speaking, stopped teaching and stopped doing the things I loved that were a big part of my joy and the fabric of my being. I stopped because someone else said, “We are not going to give you our stamp of approval.” I even let them own the process of my own grief and decide if it was or was not fast enough.

It has been almost 10 years of self-imposed silence and suppression. Something that I had been doing as naturally as breathing I just cut myself off from!

I made that group of people the “authorities” over my life, gifts, talents and personal process.

I did that!

If someone does not sprinkle you with their particular brand of fairy dust…don’t stop flying! Don’t go underground! You are not someone worthy, acceptable, valuable or lovable because someone else says that you are!

You are these things because that is who you were created to be from the moment of your conception!

Live your dreams as the courageous and extraordinary being that God made you! I am grateful for this invaluable lesson!


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