Who I Be



In her book, The Little Book of Big Questions, Sylvia High ask this:

Who have you decided you are…and how is that working?

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When I was growing up, nothing was stable. We moved around so much, and there was so much drama and uncertainty;  it seemed as if I was always jumping at my shadow. Our family lived life in a sort of “willy-nilly” fashion set on “extreme survival” mode.

I mean there were times we did not have food, running water, electricity, heat in the winter or air in the summer. I “knew” (had a lot of evidence about) scarcity, disappointment and feeling unprotected. For a long time, the world was this harsh, scary place that I had to survive. I learned to survive everything childhood, incest, domestic violence, poverty etc.

This left me feeling uncertain and afraid about life and especially about me. I mean, how in the world could I get anything right? And I had a lot of people who were willing to cosign that I couldn’t get it right. My grandmother who said I was hard to love and an ex who was out to prove it! LOL!

So I would make feeble or painfully protracted attempts at projects, businesses, etc. and in the back of my mind I’d be thinking; “This will never work for me. Nothing ever works for me.”  or “I’m not that lucky. It’s never gonna be my turn”…you get the picture. From this I took away, “Just keep your head down and keep a low profile and maybe you’ll get through life and come out ok.

But damn, it still looked and felt like survival!

And, in answer to the question above, it was not working for me!  Abraham Maslow said this, “If you deliberately plan on being less than you are capable of being, then I warn you that you’ll be unhappy for the rest of your life.” 

And to paraphrase this same great man, “All you have to do to be someone else is to change your perception of yourself as you know it.”

Inside the survival story, there is no room for joy, peace, happiness, abundance or any other Divine Idea.

Who is it you can be that works for you? It’s a choice you make. Not one defined by your experiences or mis-takes but rather by your possibilities…to paraphrase Oprah Winfrey!

Once you can see what is possible for you, your perception of yourself will change!

I am wrapping up an E-Book entitled:    How To Be the Person You Always Wanted To Be….Right Now!   (Click the title to go to my Website and Store!)

Life is more than just surviving. Who will you BE?


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