Tropical Urges

TropicalI live in between two houses where I am literally never alone. There is always someone at home. Tenants, children, grandchildren, the significant other. As much as I love my family I enjoy, and sorely miss, my own company. My soul longs for silence and quiet. Something that is in short suppy in my current environment.

I am having one of those days where I long to be somewhere other than where I am right now. I’m envisioning a place with warm blue indigo water and soft whispering winds. A place where I could write in seclusion and practice being a make-believe hermit. A place where no one knows enough about me to form “an opinion” or predict my next action or judge me as someone who they “know.”

A place removed from familial obligations, telemarketers, bad television, other people’s drama and  any of my own. A place where I don’t have to speak or answer to anyone. Just me…. and the sanctum of blessed silence! I have stories about why I can’t achieve this that have to do with money and responsibilities. They’re just made up stories. I can choose to make up more empowering ones. I can get more creative with finding a way to give myself the gift of solace and quiet. My personal favorite, (Hah!) getting up earlier when everyone else is sleep. 

The truth is “I am the solace and quiet I seek.”


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