Black Feathers and Holy Water

Dumbo“Oh… I be done seen about everything when I see an elephant fly!” – The Crows from the Disney story Dumbo

My partner and I were flipping through television channels late one night as we lay in bed unwinding from our efforts of the day. As it so happened, we left it on one of the inspirational stations and started our own side conversation with the TV keeping us company. From the corner of my eye I saw a very animated televangelist start to promote  a special healing water. I drew my partner’s attention to the screen, excitedly yanking her arm and saying, “Check this out!” His claims were followed by testimony after testimony from people who reported miraculous results in their lives after coming into possession of the healing water.  “I was healed of back pain…I found a great job…I recieved a number of checks in the mail”, and so on said witness after witness.

After watching these miraculous accounts, my partner jokingly wondered whether or not we ought to pick up the phone and order at least a gallon or so of the miracle water! As I watched one of the people on TV break into a joyful dance, my partner said, “Those things must happen because they believe so strongly in the power of the water.””Yes, I said, I believe you’re right!”

Later on, I got to thinking about the Disney story of Dumbo the flying elephant. This is one of my grandson’s very favorite bedtime stories. At six months old, everything is your very favorite! In the story, a little elephant who is born with all that he needs to fly still doubts his ability to do so. A pack of crows give him a shiny black feather. They tell Dumbo it is a magic feather which will allow him to fly. Having something tangible that he can hold onto allows Dumbo to focus his energy and release his fears. With the help of his friend Timothy, the mouse, he flys easily; believing in the magic of the feather.

Sometimes we think we need our talismans and trinkets in order to live our dreams. We start believing strongly that something outside of us has the answers and the power. All along, Spirit is calling us to turn inward and recognize the spark of Divinity that He has placed there.  At some point in the story, Dumbo looses his grip on the feather and has to choose to fly without it or crash because he no longer holds it. Talismans can be things or people that we become dependent on for one reason or another. But there will come a time when the Universe will ask us to lay them down and see the truth that was evident all along. We already have what we need in order to create the life we choose

By all means, if you feel that you need the Black Feather or the Holy Water use them. Identify where in your life you are holding on to talismans. But understand where the true power rest. Be willing to release them when the time comes. It might feel a little scary at first. It doesn’t change the truth that the Creator, in Her awsomeness, has made it possible for all of us to fly!


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