Natural Affection

The Webster Dictionary describes the word Affection as: “Attachment, devotion or love…” To expound upon that definition I  will say that affection is a state of being highly aware that you are love, loved and loveable. Affection is a loving condition created out of being aware of your connection, unity and oneness with the Allness that God is.

I received a text on Sunday night from a girlfriend of mine expressing some urgent concern. She said that she would contact me via phone the next day since I was out at a charity benefit at the time. On Monday morning, I awakened to the sounds of my partner’s radio alarm. At some point in my state of semi-consciousness, I heard the news of a shooting that ended in a fatality for one of the two young men involved. They were 22 and 23 years old respectively. I said a prayer for both families and drifted off to into sleep once again.

Later that day, I did receive a phone call from my girlfriend who seemed shaken and distraught. She shared with me her anguish over two young men whom she and her family have known for many years. The two young men had been lifelong friends that got into a conflict which put one of them at the wrong end of a gun. As we talked, and she identified the parties involved, I realized that I knew the young man who had taken the life of his comrade. It was the same young people who I had heard about on the radio that morning.

We comforted each other and committed to continue to pray for both families each of us saying goodbye with a heavy heart. There have been a number of recent tragedies reported in the news about young men who are killing each other seemingly without regard, remorse or any thought for the consequences of their actions and the subsequent fallout.

There is a scripture that has been quoted time and time again in our feeble effort to make some sense out of what is so senseless that it defies all logic or reason:  “But be certain of this, that in the last days times of trouble will come.  For men will be lovers of self, lovers of money, uplifted in pride, given to bitter words, going against the authority of their fathers, never giving praise, having no religion,  Without natural love, bitter haters, saying evil of others, violent and uncontrolled, hating all good,  False to their friends, acting without thought, lifted up in mind, loving pleasure more than God…”

I reference this text, not because I am a religious person who takes pleasure in condemning others, far from it, but because I am using it to create space. (Please refer to my post About Sacred Being Productions) Also, I am a PK (preacher’s kid) and I use that which is familiar to me as a frame of reference.

Without natural love or affection all manner of  S.I.N. (Self Inflicted Nonsense as a teacher of mine once described it) is possible. Many young people believe that they are separate from God, cut off from Love, cut off from His bounty and abundance. As my brother Clarence explained to me, “They can see it but they can’t touch it. They feel that they are putting in 100% and getting back 10%. They see others in society that look like they are putting in 10% and getting back 100%.”

This is the dangerous illusion that a sense of separation creates! It is the fall of man and Pandora’s Box all over again. I look at the young men whose lives I have the privilege to be part of and I see how positively they respond to just a little love showered on them. A hug here, a kiss there, a word of praise and encouragement can make a world of difference. It can show some young man or woman that they are love, loved and loveable.

How can we all work to bring restoration and to be love in the life of a young person?


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