Where Dreams Come From

Chasing DreamsAs a writer, one is always searching for one’s muse. That elusive creature said to have a magic story idea factory at her or his disposal. Is the muse where my dreams of writing originated?

If not the muse, where is it that dreams do originate? And can someone tell me why people think that dreams are something to be chased, followed and or pursued? Can you say “stalker”?

What is it that inspires a 40 something year old woman (40 is the new 20 by the way!) to allow the dream of “writer” to unfold in me?

I think that where dreams are born, and where they reside, is inside of  “inspiration.”

One of my favorite teachers, Dr. Wayne Dyer, says the word “inspiration” can be translated “In Spirit”. If you allow yourself to be in spirit, you will find that dreams are a matter of being as opposed to the ever popular stalker method of doing ie; chasing, following and pursuing.

Trust me, I’ve tried it both ways and this way, the way of being, is sooooo…much easier.  Allow your dreams, which are part of you by the way, to just unfold. What I mean is this. Let’s use the example of  a lion. I like lions and eagles. But, I also like unicorns and phoenixes…but I digress.

A lion is innately majestic. You see a lion in any setting and you know that they are undisputedly the “kings” and “queens” of all that they survey. Yes? They don’t have to make that happen or chase the dream of being a lion. That is what they are, inherently. Their being inspires them to be bold, majestic and strong.

We are born with all that we need to live our dreams. We are all the most extraordinary and incredible beings by our very nature! We can choose how we want to express or repress the dreams that have been a part of us since before we were born. Sometimes we forget that or we let others kill our dreams or even dictate what they will be.

Remember you are the dream and the dreamer! Stay inspired! Stay In Spirit!


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